Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zero to Hero

Wednesday, May 25 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Hollywood Theaters - Saipan Megaplex
2860 Costco Drive

Zero is a geek disc jockey on a public radio station whose taste in music surpasses his peers but goes unrecognized by a teen culture obsessed with pop culture.

Zero pines for the most popular girl on campus, Amanda, who dates the most popular guy on campus, Richard. Sharing his crush for Amanda with his close friends, Diana and Cicero, Zero often fantasizes in music videos until he is pulled back to his harsh reality.

An opportunity presents itself when Amanda and Richard break up. However, finding that he lacks the courage to approach Amanda, Zero and his friends plot a scheme by which he will run for Prom King and dance with Amanda at the prom, since everyone expects she will be the Prom Queen.

As Zero runs his, he rallies the geeks, freaks, nerds, and misfits of his campus behind his campaign but runs into conflict with Richard, who is also running for Prom King. Will Zero be prom king? Will he get the girl? Will this zero become a hero? Watch the movie to find out!

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